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AKCP Installs for Clark Water, Philippines

Clark Water, a subsidiary of Manila water, selects AKCP to partner in the installation of an upgraded monitoring solution for their remote sites.

Case Study

Watch the video to see how Genmon made monitoring of remote site generators, fuel tanks and site shelters possible.

Luzon Map

Clark Water

Clark, Philippines, a former US Military Base, now an industrial economic zone, is one of the economic hubs of the Philippines. Clark Water is responsible for supplying over 500 businesses with a reliable and constant water supply. With 32 pumping sites around the zone, it is a lot to monitor, manage and maintain. Each site is connected via wired, or at remote locations, wireless network, to their central office. Each site is equipped with a generator, UPS and a SCADA system.

The requirement was to be able to monitor the generators and fuel tank levels at each of these sites, as well as monitoring of third party devices such as the UPS. One site is equipped with a mini data center for which access control, temperature and UPS monitoring was also required. AKCP base units with a Cellular Data Modem were used, to ensure that communications and alerts can still be made even in the event of a network blackout.

Pumping Station

Typical pumping station site, one of 32 around Clark that were installed with AKCP monitoring solutions

Clark Water Locations

Location of sites referenced in this case study

AKCP Pro Server

Central Management

AKCP Pro Server, AKCP’s central monitoring platform, was installed at the main control room office to provide centralized monitoring and management of all sites. Custom dashboards were setup to display data from the generators and sensors installed at each location throughout Clark. Virtual Sensors were used to monitor the status of UPS backup power systems, as well as the SCADA system for controlling of pumping stations. ONVIF IP cameras were interfaced with AKCP Pro Server as well as access control for sensitive areas. 

With Drill Down Mapping, AKCP Pro Server was able to give a visual overview of all sites, and their status at the central control room, making monitoring the situation of each location simple. 

AKCP Pro Server is also used to manage all deployed devices, updating firmware, configuring the devices, backup and maintenance can all be done through this software.

Deep Well Pumping Station

SPX+ Installation

The deep well pumping station is critical to Clark Waters operations, with the generator running 24 hours per day with a backup secondary genset for emergency use. At this site the generator did not have a control panel with RS485 Modbus connectivity. AKCP was able to satisfy the monitoring needs by installing our own sensors. An SPX+ with DIN rail mounting was deployed at this site. The SPX+ was equipped with 4 sensor ports and 10 opto isolated dry contacts and cellular data modem for sending SMS in critical situations. A dual temperature and humidity sensor was placed inside the electrical panel.

An ultrasonic fuel level sensor provides alerts when fuel level is critical and requires refiling. Dry contact inputs were utilized to monitor the generator on/off status, as well as provide alerts if the generator doors or control panels are accessed. A DC Voltage sensor was connected to the battery so it’s health can be remotely monitored.

Water Treatment Facility

SPX+ installation

Located at the Northern end of Clark, is the main waste water treatment area. Critical to maintaining a healthy environment it is essential this site is operational 24/7/365.

A larger site than the pumping stations, this was equipped with a larger Cummins genset with ComAp IntelliLite AMF20 control panel. An RS485 Modbus connection was made from the SPX+ to the control panel, enabling AKCP to monitor the engine parameters remotely. Oil pressure, battery voltage, engine temperature, fuel level, engine speed, runtime and engine status, were programmed using the relevant Modbus registers in the SPX+. This allows Clark Water to closely
monitor the generators status, as well as schedule preventative maintenance when specific number of hours runtime are reached for example.

Due to the distance from the main control panel room and the generator, which was located in an outbuilding, the SPX+ was connected via a WiFi network connection, and then to the wired network infrastructure already in place. The cellular data modem provides an extra layer of communications, by sending SMS alerts in critical situations.

Mini Data Center

SP2+ and swing handle lock

Clark Water's Lilly Hill location is equipped with a small air conditioned shelter which functions as a mini data center, managing the communications of the various sites, and giving the main backhaul to the main office.

Operation of this facility is essential for communications from the central office to all pumping stations and water treatment facilities, managment and monitoring of the SCADA system, generators and fuel levels. 

Genmon installed environmental monitoring devices in the mini data center, using the SP2+ DIN rail mounted in the cabinet with thermal map sensors to monitor the temperature at the top, middle and bottom of the cabinet. Monitoring of temperature means should the airconditioning fail advance notice is given and corrective action can be taken to prevent overheating of sensitive IT equipment.

RFID Swing Handle Cabinet Locks were added for securing access to the front and rear doors of the cabinet. Centrally managed through AKCP Pro Server it allowed Clark Water IT staff to control access to the cabinet, and provides an audited log of access events.