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Data Center Monitoring

Integrated Data Center Solution 

Generator, UPS, Power, Environmental and Security monitoring

Data Center

AKCP is the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP enabled sensors for the data center. Combine 30 years experience in providing monitoring solutions with the Genmon system for a completely integrated solution.

GENMON is part of the AKCP ecosystem of monitoring products, and is fully compatible with all AKCP intelligent sensors. Deploy any, or all, of the above solution in your data center. By installing the complete data center solution you are able to monitor the whole data center from a single platform. sensorProbeX+ is a versatile monitoring device which can connect to your data center backup power systems (generators and UPS), monitor the main line power and individual cabinet power consumption. Control access to the building and individual cabinets giving an audited access trail. Monitor a host of environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, airflow and water leaks. All of the data is collected on our central managment software, AKCP Pro Server.

Power Monitoring

Monitor backup power such as generators and UPS, as well as main line and cabinet level power consumption for PUE calulations


Power Meter

A range of power meters are available to suit your main line electrical input. Monitor your total facility power with billable grade accuracy. Use the readings as part of your PUE calculation for total facility load.


Generator and UPS monitoring

Monitor backup power systems. Generators can be connected via MODBUS or CANBUS to the system. Monitor engine parameters such as engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature and more. UPS battery stacks can be monitored via SNMP.


Cabinet level power monitoring

Inline power meters with optional relays, allow for monitoring at cabinet level the power consumed by IT equipment. Useful in planning data center expansion and cehcking how much power overhead is available, as well as calculating PUE.

Environmental Sensors

smartCabinet monitoring system for your data center with AKCP Environmental Sensors


Temperature and Humidity

Monitor the temperature and humidity of your room, or individual cabinets. Dual temperature and humidity sensors can be deployed, or for a higher level of monitoring accuracy, thermal map sensors that measure the air temperature at the top, middle and bottom of your cabinet.


Water Leak Detection

Deploy spot water, or rope type water leak detection around your data center, under raised access flooring, in suspended ceilings or any place that may be subject to water damage. Locate type rope water sensors will even tell you the position of the leak allowing you to respond immediately.


Airflow Sensors

on/off switch type airflow sensors will notify you when there is a lack of sufficient airflow around your cabinet or in airconditioning ducting. For places where precision airflow measurments are required air velocity sensors can be deployed or third party sensors integrated with the AKCP device.