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Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor

Monitor Fuel, Oil, Water, chemicals and other liquids

Using ultrasonic sound waves this sensor can be mounted on any tank up to 2 meters in depth. Monitor the level of fuel, oil, water or other chemicals stored in the tanks. Tank profiling software learns the shape of your tank in order to calculate the %age remaining. Alerts can be sent via E-mail, SMS, alarms can be actutated and as with all AKCP devices, can be integrated to third party systems via SNMP.
Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor
  1. Track Usage - UFLS will graph the tank level over time, allowing you to track usage. This will aid in budgetting and scheduling replenishment of tanks. Identify sites that have heavy usage, or abnormally high consumption rates, enabling you to address these issues and be pro-active in your tank management.
  2. Detect Theft - Monitor for unusual activity such as sudden or unsual drops in liquid level. If connected with a generator or pumps, compare the status of these with the liquid level. If levels change when connected appliances are turned off alerts can be generated to warn of this abnormal situation
  3. Alerts and Alarms - Send alerts via SMS, SNMP or E-Mail should an abnormal situation occur. Be reminded when levels are critical and ensure that you are always ontop of the situation with tanks filled to optimum levels. On site or remote alarms can also be activated such as siren and strobe alarms when critical status is reported.