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AKCP Pro Server, a world class CMS

Monitoring of multiple sites in a single location through a customizable user interface, drill down mapping and notifications.


AKCP Pro Server is a world class Central Management Software (CMS). Free to use with any of our hardware, and integration to third party devices and ONVIF IP cameras. Ideal for monitoring of multiple sites.

Genset monitoring system
  • DRILL DOWN MAPPING - Drill down mapping allows you to view all sites and their status overlayed on a mapping interface. Click on locations to zoom in and click on specific sites to view the status of all sensors in that location.
  • ACCESS CONTROL - Manage access to your remote sites, view reports on who accessed and when. Control who has access and when via RFID card swipe, keypad codes or biometric fingerprint readers. Remotely unlock sites with just the click of a button.
  • SITE MANAGEMENT - Manage all your installed sensors and devices from a single platform. Perform firmware upgrades, configure units, copy configurations to other sites and so on.
  • VIDEO SECURITY - Interface with ONVIF compatible IP cameras to synchronize sensor events with video. This gives you an eyes on approach to monitoring your sites, with a visual reference to the situation on the ground.

Multiple Sites From a Single Location

Monitor all your tower sites infrastructure from a central location using AKCP Pro Server management software.