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Ensure your generator is always ready

Remotely monitor your genset paramters such as runtime, KVA output, fuel flow, oil pressure and more...


Monitor your generator via RS485 Modbus or Canbus connection to the genset ECU. Compatible with most industry standard generators. Watch the video to learn more. 

Most generator problems arrise when you need it most. Typically generators are left unattended and on standby for the majority of the time. However, over this standby period the starter battery can degrade, and other issues arise that prevent the generator from being available at critical moments. With the Gen-Mon system you can schedule startup of the generatoron a weekly basis. Perform an engine test, charge your batteries and make sure that your engine is in good condition. Be alerted if a fault is detected or a parameter is outside of normal operating range.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Simply connect the sensorProbeX+ monitoring device to your generators RS485 output and configure the parameters your wish to monitor. Any Generator that supports Modbus or Canbus protocols can be monitored.
  • ALERTS AND NOTIFICATIONS - Recieve alerts if generator parameters are exceeding pre defined thresholds. Alerts can be sent via SMS, E-mail, SNMP traps and more. Ensure you are always up to date with your gensets condition. Notifications can also be sent to remind of scheduled maintenance such as change of oil and air filters.
  • CENTRAL MONITORING - Using our central monitoring software (CMS) AKCP Pro Server, you can view the condition of all gensets in your network. Customizable desktops and drill down mapping show you just the information you need.
  • ENGINE PARAMETERS - Monitor many engine parameters such as engine speed, KVA, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil level, water temperature and more......
Genset monitoring system