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Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensors

Check the level of liquid in tanks, graph usage over time, schedule deliveries, be alerted to critical levels and notified of possible theft.


Ultrasonic tank level sensors (UFLS) can monitor the liquid level in all types of storage tanks, up to a maximum of 2 meters in depth. Schedule deliveries, monitor for theft and check usage trends. Ideal for remote sites, standby fuel tanks, chemical storage, oil storage and water storage tanks.

  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY - Using ultrasonic sound waves, we can measure the liquid level in tanks by timing how long the return of the bounced waves takes. By measuring this we can determine the distance from the sensor to the level of the liquid.
  • TANK PROFILING - Profile your tank in our software to get accurate measurements of the %age liquid left in your tank.
  • REMOTE MONITORING - Sensors connect to the sensorProbeX+ device, which has an embedded web interface. Login via the internet to view the sensor data, or collect from multiple tanks in a single user interface by using our FREE central management software, AKCP Pro Server. Recieve alerts via SMS from the 3G/4G cellular data modem by just adding your SIM card. E-mail and SNMP alerting is also available.
  • TANK SIZES - Ultrasonic tank level sensors are good for tanks up to 2 meters maximum depth. Beyond this we integrate with third party tank level sensors such as float type sensors that ouput a 4-20mAmp signal.

Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor connects to any available intelligent sensor port on a sensorProbeX+ monitoring device. It can be used to detect fluid level of any liquids, chemicals and fuel. Designed for use in harsh environments it is fully weatherproof and resistant to corrosion.

Liquid tank monitoring system