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Remote site monitoring solutions

Solution includes monitoring of security, power, generator, temperature and environmental monitoring, access control and more.....

Cell Towers

A typical remote site, such as a cell tower, can be monitored from a central location using our solution. Deploy sensors around your site, control access, monitor generators, fuel usage, environmental conditions and so on. Data is sent over the cellular network and collected for viewing in our central management platform, AKCP Pro Server.

  • LIQUID TANK LEVEL MONITORING - Check the level of your stanby fuel tanks, ensure that your backup generators are always refuelled and ready when you need them. Track fuel usage overtime, schedule fuel deliveries, and be alerted to potential fuel theft.
  • GENERATOR MONITORING - Monitor your generators engine parameters via Modbus or Canbus. Be alerted when parameters are outisde the normal range, check generator efficiency, power output, total runtime. Use the data to shcedule engine manintenance such as oil changes and fuel filter changes.
  • REMOTE MONITORING - Sensors connect to the sensorprobeX+ device, which has an embedded web interface. Login via the internet to view the sensor data, or collect from multiple tanks in a single user interface by using our FREE central management software, AKCP Pro Server. Recieve alerts via SMS from the 3G cellular data modem by just adding your SIM card. E-mail and SNMP alerting is also available.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS - Monitor environmental conditions in your remote site shelters. AKCP has a wide range of compatible intelligent sensors, such as temperature, humidity, water leak detection, AC Voltage detection, power meters, relays and more....
  • SECURITY MONITORING - Use AKCP Pro Server to centrally manage and control access to remote sites. Review site activities, and synchronize access events with CCTV Video footage through ONVIF IP camera integration.

sensorProbeX+ monitoring device

Deploy the SPX+ at remote sites to fulfill all monitoring needs.

1U SPX+ Base Unit

SPX+ is available as a 1U or DIN rail mounted device. From a simple MODBUS/CANBUS to SNMP gateway, to a complete monitoring system complete with dry contact inputs, digital I/O, intelligent sensor ports, network connectivity and optional cellular data modem. We can build the SPX+ to suit your project requirements, paying only for the features you need.

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