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SPX+ with web access and optional cellular data modem


4 Sensor Ports

Connect any AKCP intelligent sensor to the SPX+. Ultrasonic fuel level sensors, fuel leak detection, temperature, humidity and more. Be alerted to critical situations by e-mail, SNMP and SMS notifications. Actuate relays and sirens based on sensor status.


Modbus / Canbus Gateway

Connect the RS485 port to your generator RS485 output. The SPX+ acts as a Modbus or Canbus to SNMP / IP gateway. Monitor engine parameters remotely via the internet, ensuring your generator is always maintained and ready when you need it.


Wired and Wireless

Every SPX+ comes with a 10/100 ethernet port for network connectivity. Monitor all the sensor data via your LAN or WAN network. For remote locations, or where a wired connection is unavailable, install the optional 3G/4G cellular data modem.


DIN rail mounted, simple yet versatile SNMP sensor hub. Complete with RS485 port for Modbus or Canbus connectivity, and compatible with a wide range of AKCP Intelligent Sensors.

Variety of Mounting Options


SPX+ can be mounted on a DIN rail inside a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor installations. The basic SPX+, shown on the right, comes with 4 intelligent sensor ports, an Ethernet port for network connectivity and an RS485 Modbus/Canbus port for monitoring your generator.

Custom SPX+ configurations can be built with additional intelligent sensor ports, digital I/O, dry contact inputs, relays and cellular data modems. Longer configurations can be 1U, or 0U rack mounted.